What is it ?

The word MAREP is an acronym for Marine Information Reporting. The MAREP Hydrographic Program is a joint effort of Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons (CPS) and the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS). The purpose of MAREP is to permit CPS and CHS to carry out an ongoing program to ensure the reporting of discrepancies on charts and to update and make qualified recommendations toward improving nautical information on charts and other CHS publications.

This program solicits the detection and reporting of errors and omissions in CHS publications, such as charts, Sailing Directions, and tide and current publications, by CPS members.


CHS publications for MAREP reporting

  • Charts: New digital chart files allow charts to be printed on demand, in response to even small orders from individuals.

  • Chart 1: Symbols & Abbreviations: click here

  • Sailing Directions: click here

  • Notice to Mariners: click here


Conducting MAREP activities

To cover the geographic areas, a large variety of vessels are required. MAREP activities may be conducted on the water or from land, depending on the item which is being identified. The need to accurately identify the location of the MAREP item may require the use of a good compass, GPS, depth sounder, sextants, or other navigational aids. The use of a camera is also recommended to send a picture of the item with the MAREP report.


Items to be reported

Items which should be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Submerged objects
  • Obstructions in and above the water
  • Landmarks
  • Private aids to navigation
  • New marine facilities
  • Navigable channel information, width/depth, etc.
  • Information affecting Sailing Directions
  • Suggestions for chart improvements


Handling and reporting data

Correspondence and the MAREP Hydrographic Reports in connection with the program are handled entirely by the elected officers within CPS at the District and Squadron levels. Direct contact with CHS at the district level ensures rapid transmittal of report forms and flow of information in both directions.

Contact your MAREP Officer

Download the MAREP Reporting form and keep a few copies handy on your boat!